Our client internally managed the disability/leave processes.  Long-term disability was outsourced to Sedgwick.  After extensive research it was decided to outsource disability processing to Sedgwick.  This includes all disability processes, reporting and employee/manager support for leave processing.


  • Outsource disability processes and services to Sedgwick within 3 months of start date.
  • Reduce staff and redeploy into other roles or transition to Sedgwick if possible.
  • Create streamlined processes and increased customer services.
  • Transition customer support to Sedgwick as part of the services delivery model.


  • Implemented within 120 day timeframe
  • Implemented within budget (no out-of-scope costs)
  • Leveraged existing resources reducing costs and allowing for continuity between project to BaU
  • Fully compliant with terminations occurring 7 days
  • Dedicated focus on compliance with all necessary regulations