Our client, a leader in specialty pharmaceuticals, has asked Enrich to deploy a configured, hosted instance of the Enrich Analytics Platform to enable project and portfolio staff to consolidate KPI and financial data in a single source of truth, and to easily report on project and portfolio progress. A successful engagement will achieve the following: 1) A refined instance of the Enrich Analytics Platform pilot deployment, further configured to client’s  data model, on a secure server, accessible only by Enrich and client staff, for the duration of the current SaaS subscription agreement.  2) A core team of portfolio staff at client trained in use of the Enrich Analytics Platform and able to train a broader group


  • Configured, hosted instance of the Enrich Analytics Platform (EAP), including reports configured for management review
  • Instance uses a permissions model that enables project inputs to be segmented into categories (e.g., R&D vs. Corporate Planning) which can be viewed or edited by different user groups
  • Training of core team on the configured EAP instance
  • A list of configuration files modified for the engagement (Analytica files) and the files themselves
  • Hosting, maintenance, backups, and upgrades for a year beyond the development phase of the engagement.
  • Requirements Documentation


  • Portfolio Prioritization Dashboard designed, tested and deployed
  • Inline Prioritization – Scoring and prioritization mechanics designed, tested and deployed
  • Test Prioritization Framework and Portfolio Explorer
  • Obtained and loaded Financial Data, strategic fit data and Qualitative Assessments
  • Support Model drafted
  • Additional licenses procured to support business through 2018