A client in the oil and gas industry has approximately 150,000 customer accounts with credit balances collectively totaling $17.6 million The majority of these credit balances are associated with residential accounts with some balances over 1 year old. AmeriGas desires to reduce customer credit balances, identify opportunities to improve credit balance management and eliminate future credit balances through process improvement, change management, training and improved analytics.


  • Through a sampling process, establish an understanding of the time and effort required to research, analyze and resolve over 145,000 customer account credit balances collectively totaling $17.6 mil.
  • Develop a baseline for potential savings through accounting reversals and additional customer shipments.
  • Document the analysis and reconciliation steps to develop process improvement recommendations that will reduce and/or eliminate future credit balance situations based on lessons learned during the pilot.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Developed a diagnostic tool clearly defining specific steps to be used internally to analyze and reconcile existing credit account balances either categorically on a broad-based level and/or at the specific customer account level.
  • Provided process improvement recommendations based on lessons learned from the analysis and reconciliation activities in order to reduce or eliminate credit balances and their associated work activities in the future.