Our client, a $3B Specialty Biopharmaceutical Company, initiated a project to address the risks associated with temporary workers and co-employment. To that end, the client decided to implement a holistic program to identify, track and engage with temporary agency workers, independent contractors/consultants, and outsourced providers who require regular access to their facilities and/or systems. The solution consists of a team (KellyOCG), technology (Fieldglass) and policy to achieve the project objectives


  • Consolidate all channels of TPWs via Fieldglass, or a single process for engaging TPWs as per the global policy.
  • Establish one system of record (Fieldglass) providing global visibility and management capability of TPWs.
  • Establish market-driven pricing via standard rate structures managed by the MSP team.
  • Data driven decision-making capabilities optimizing suppliers based on quality, cost and volume.
  • Establish standard agreements across the entire supplier base within the program.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Facilitated the creation and distribution of global policies and procedures that govern the identification, engagement, and management of third party workers.
  • Oversaw the implementation of new processes and technologies to achieve consolidation and control of third party workers.
  • Presented recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding the international rollout of the VMS/MSP solution.
  • Brought Project Management discipline, tools, and best practices that provided structure and visibility to the project.
  • The US implementation went live in September 2014, and we are currently planning the international (EMEA, APAC, LATAM) implementation and rollout.