In order to achieve its overall Operational Excellence objective, an IT Services company wished to assess its Service Desk needs and develop a Service Desk Roadmap to better align and support an improved operation moving forward.


  • Improved customer satisfaction through a more structured and collaborative Service Desk approach to defining and delivering services.
  • Improved repeatability and controls for Service Desk processes and procedures .
  • Creation of a continuous improvement cycle to document, assess and address past successes and challenges and drive future change.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey to set a baseline on their current strengths and weaknesses. PPT used the data from the survey to align with the Quick Win initiatives and Roadmap Development.
  • Worked with internal staff to develop a list of 21 identified Quick Wins. Four of the 21 were implemented during the course of the assessment and a basic model was established to assist the Customer in continuing the Quick Win implementations post engagement.
  • Developed a Service Desk Roadmap which highlighted prioritized near-term improvement opportunities.
  • Provided key input back to the Customer Senior Management in making sound decisions to support the short and long term IT Strategy.