A growing retail client with multiple brands was experiencing increasing call volumes to their Retail Help Desk and needed to identify root cause(s) and effective containment measures. Complicating the issue was that each of the brands was utilizing different help desk architectures, either outsourced or insourced, that acted independently of one another without standard operating procedures.


  • Solicit help desk call data and related data extracts to serve as artifacts to be examined and baseline call metrics
  • Determine Root Causes of Help Desk Call Volume placed by retail stores, each brand treated separately
  • Verify and validate call data by auditing help desk call classifications, semantics and key attributes
  • Determine additional root causes as a result of examining high call volume stores and conducting local store visits
  • Identify leading remedies to reduce calls and forecast based on statistical confidence and economic feasibility

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Aligned the multiple brands by establishing common evaluation criteria and root cause analysis standards
  • Identified 8 root causes driving help desk call volume
  • Delineated a detailed cost-benefit investment hypothesis for top five remedies with greatest operational impact
  • Prioritized and scheduled top five remedies to reduce call volume over 12-month time frame
  • Established likely impact of remedies on future calls in relation to implementation of future help desk architecture