An $8B Multi-Channel Retailer sought to evaluate its Credit Division (including Credit Card Processing, Check Processing, Fraud Investigation and Auditing) in order to determine the optimal workforce loading for peak and off-season, improve overall operating efficiency and calculate the cost-benefit of outsourcing specific functions. Specifically, the client wanted to understand if the workforce was appropriately loaded for the peak holiday season and develop a method to measure performance.


  • Inventory and rank Credit Division group processes and activities (identifying non-value-added)
  • Evaluate and, where possible, benchmark the efficiency of the Credit Division
  • Perform a Cost Benefit Analysis for process outsourcing
  • Determine if the workforce was properly loaded for the seasonal workload

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Created a Process and Activity Value Matrix and ranked all Division processes and tasks
  • Identified Outsourcing Provider High-Level estimates and developed a Cost Benefit
  • Analysis based on historical volume and future forecast for process outsourcing
  • Developed a Workforce Loading model based on historical volume and future forecasts for peak season loading
  • Identifies numerous other people, process and technology related improvements