The Information Management (IM) Group within a Division of a Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Company sought to develop a Service Catalog for all of the services provided to their internal Business Partners. The Catalog was to be used to facilitate the communication of IM Services in light of a recent re-organization and was to be based on existing service capabilities. Complete documentation of the IM Services did not exist and, as a result, all of the information required was to be gathered through interviews and interaction with the newly re-organized IM Group.


  • Collect, organize and evaluate existing IM Services documentation
  • Inventory all IM Services to the Business via interviews with the IM Group
  • Develop and populate a Service Catalog format for communication to the Business

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Interviewed all IM Group Service Owners and selected Business Partners
  • Reviewed and organized all existing IM Service documentation
  • Developed the Service Catalog format in MS SharePoint and populated with IM Services
  • Transferred all knowledge and materials to the client for further refinement and roll-out of the Service Catalog