The Medical Information department of a Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical company engaged PPT to consolidate the issue and enhancement request reporting and tracking into one system. Previously this was handled by smaller dispersed groups using “home grown” solutions to perform the same functions. The new model involved a merged System Operations Group servicing the North America Pharma Organization. This group would service all North American Pharma Medical Information users leveraging this tracking system.


  • Develop and deploy a solution quickly using without introducing the expense of a new software solution
  • Provide the users email status alert feedback about the progress of their requests as they were being worked to completion.
  • Deploy a system to all North American Pharma Medical Information users that would be easy to use and flexible in order to accommodate all requests.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • The tracking system uses Sharepoint functionality with custom JQuery programming removing the need to purchase an addition solution
  • The tracking system not only services a diverse collection of user groups but is administered by many different service providers, further consolidating service records.
  • The tracking system is easily updated and maintained by administrators without needing outside interaction