A $1B Pharmaceutical client sought to develop a method to organize, standardize and communicate Commercial Operations processes. This department consisting of Sales Operations, Sales Training, Marketing Science and Marketing Services groups wanted to leverage efficiencies that could be realized from a collective identification of their services as well as key annual and periodic activities. Specifically, there was a need to document core processes that Commercial Operations completed during an annual cycle in order to educate staff within Commercial Operations, communicate offerings to their Business Partners, and better enable decision making and planning. PPT Consulting was engaged to drive process review, documentation and standardization as well as create a central online repository of tools for the Commercial Operations group to leverage in their annual and period planning activities.


  • Communicate Commercial Operations internal business procedures in a standard manner
  • Understand the timing of key events & dependencies
  • Evaluate the impact of changes requested outside standard
  • Become more flexible & agile in operational interactions
  • Educate / on-board new employees

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Engaged all stakeholders, reviewed existing process materials, facilitated workshops and drove documentation and standardization of core processes within Commercial Operations
  • Defined Roles and Responsibilities for update and maintenance of all process and calendars
  • Communicated and transferred knowledge to Commercial Operations Stakeholders for ongoing use
  • Developed a shared Master Calendar of Annual and Periodic processes, milestones and event
  • Developed a SharePoint repository for collaboration and sharing of key deliverables associated with core processes and calendar management