A $2B Energy & Utilities Company had a need to optimize processes for Pricing Management as a result of an SAP rollout across the organization. The client engaged PPT to conduct mapping exercises to ensure that the processes were documented in the timeframe required. The client did not have their existing or future processes documented and wanted to have a standard baseline of existing and possible future processes that could be affected as a result of the SAP rollout. This process maps were meant to identify all current functionality as well possible future functionality to be used as a knowledge base for the new Pricing functionality within SAP.


  • Identify the current and future processes for Pricing Management including Roles &
  • Responsibilities for each department within Pricing Management.
  • Create a “Manifesto” of all process steps along with the associated Roles and
  • Responsibilities for each functional area/department.
  • Establish a process for each functional area within Pricing, including Finance and Marketing.
  • Establish a foundation for current and future standard processes within Pricing Management.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Identification of responsibility for each functional area within Pricing Management.
  • Development of the “Manifesto” for the Pricing Management department including specific Roles & Responsibilities of the Field, CEOs, CFOs and VPs.
  • Provided a guideline to be used by Leadership to maintain standardization and sustainment within the Pricing Management department inclusive of Finance and Marketing.