A $2B division of a gas products company engaged PPT to review the on-boarding process for all new resources, including employees and contractors. The scope also included process improvement for employee transfers, terminations, and name changes. The organization was challenged with a lack of interdepartmental communication and system limitations which resulted in poor experience for the new resources. With the leadership of PPT, the organization’s IT department led a cross-functional review and improvement effort that focused on both short term “quick hit” opportunities and long term strategic goals.


  • Improve overall organizational performance for identified processes
  • Baseline and document current processes to establish starting point for improvement
  • Develop and gain cross-functional acceptance for future state processes
  • Develop short, medium, and long term recommendations for process improvement and system considerations
  • Improve interdepartmental communication and understanding of holistic processes

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Created a comprehensive set of process documentation and supporting narratives that the organization can implement either on their own or with outside assistance
  • Established improved dialog between departments involved in the identified processes
  • Detailed a phased approach for improvement opportunities across an 18 month timeframe
  • Streamlined processes to reduce number of “exceptions” between corporate and the field organization.