The IT Department of a $1B Pharmaceutical company engaged PPT to assist in the Cultural Transformation of their staff in order to drive the adoption of the output from an ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Program currently underway. There was an overwhelming need to engage, educate, and involve IT staff, from a communication standpoint, to ensure the value of the newly defined processes were understood and absorbed into daily routines. As a ‘best practice’ framework, the Cultural Transformation involved demonstrating, through a variety of vehicles, the real life application of how ITIL would improve their roles and the department as a whole. PPT managed the entire Cultural Transformation engagement including printed and web media, interactive Lunch-and-Learns, guest speakers, surveys, and key performance indicators to measure success.


  • Engage and educate IT staff on the value of new processes.
  • Develop a Communication and Engagement Plan to deliver key messages to the Stakeholders.
  • Promote adoption of new processes and measure desired behavioral change.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Conducted Stakeholder Analysis Sessions and tailored a Communication and Engagement Plan for the delivery of key messages to the Stakeholders.
  • Defined most appropriate style, method and frequency of communications.
  • Created content for and conducted all key Engagement Activities (i.e., Lunch and Learn, Cross-Functional Focus Groups, Mid-Project Checkpoints, etc.)
  • Successfully engaged and educated Stakeholders to drive understanding and adoption of new processes as well as identifying new processes to change current behavior.
  • Representative feedback from interactive Lunch-and-Learn sessions: ?“The Program is a great tool for IM and I am glad to know it will continue onward..” ?“I learned a lot of new information from this session and it reinforced my current knowledge”