An $8B Multi-Channel Retailer was focusing on the continuing development of their Business Continuity Program and, as a next step, sought to develop a Functional Recovery Plan for the “next” critical function identified. PPT was engaged to facilitate the identification of recovery procedures and document the recovery plan for the Supply Chain function. PPT was also engaged to prepare the client to conduct a full plan walk through exercise.


  • Engage and educate the Supply Chain department stakeholders on the value of BCP and preparedness
  • Develop Business Continuity Plans that integrated Inbound and Outbound Supply Chain where appropriate and their common systems
  • Develop Recovery Procedures for Inbound and Outbound Supply Chain for immediate recovery steps at time of disaster
  • Develop a Walkthrough Exercise to be conducted with both teams and uncover any gaps in their recovery plans

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Conducted Stakeholder interviews with the Inbound and Outbound supply Chain Teams.
  • Developed a Functional Recovery Plan for each team
  • Developed and presented a “Walkthrough Storyboard” and Walkthrough Presentation Scenario to Project Sponsorship