In an effort to address the disaster preparedness of a remote site in another state, a multi-billion dollar Utilities client sought to execute an Addendum to their current Workspace Recovery contract. The client wanted support in the review and execution of the Addendum to ensure that it fully supported their needs and did not omit any key recovery requirements. Additionally, the client sought to have PPT to review, at a high-level, the various Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity initiatives that were being considered for the upcoming fiscal year in order to provide recommendations based on priority and risk mitigation for the business. PPT was engaged to provide Strategic direction with regard to the Recovery Contract Addendum and the upcoming Fiscal Year’s DR/BCP initiatives.


  • Review the remote site Contract Addendum and provide recommendations.
  • Development of a documented summary of Addendum recommendations.
  • Review the high-level list of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity initiatives for FY 2010 and provide recommendations for prioritization.
  • Develop a list of DR and BC initiatives with recommendations and prioritization.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • PPT successfully identified requirements, participated in conference calls, and ultimately provided a confirmation of the details of the Recovery Contract Addendum.
  • PPT reviewed all Fiscal Year initiatives and provided a rating of criticality and urgency to provide prioritization guidance