The $900MM Region of a Fortune 100 Company Division had been experiencing regular Hurricane and related incidents as a result of a Data Center located in a hurricane zone in the south central United States. The data center supported the entire Region and, as such, supported a large portion of the division’s revenue. The client sought to identify options to reduce the risk associated with possible hurricanes and associated disaster scenarios. PPT Consulting was engaged to conduct a formal analysis of DR Plans and to develop alternatives to mitigate the risk of future hurricane seasons.


  • Verify Critical Systems.
  • Conduct an Impact Analysis of Critical Systems; identify System Interdependencies and Costs of Downtime.
  • Provide input and contract recommendations regarding the Client’s existing Outsourced Data Center Recovery Provider.
  • Identify immediate next steps for hurricane season risk mitigation.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Facilitated Client’s completion of Critical System Impact Analyses.
  • Developed a 3 year Business Case for Risk Mitigation Expenditures based on Costs of Downtime.
  • Defined Project Profiles including scope, schedule, resources and cost for various Risk Mitigation Options.
  • Facilitated Senior Executive Buy-In for enacting Risk Mitigation Options.