A worldwide biologic pharmaceutical company was developing a promotional website to contain over 2,000 pages of medical content related to the products they manufacture. Company scientists and medical doctors authored all of the content. As a promotional website, all content required review and approval by a medical/regulatory/legal committee before the content was allowed on the public website. PPT was engaged to develop and implement the required administrative processes and manage content related work activities including authoring, reviewing, approving, and publishing.


  • Design the administrative processes to support the entire life-cycle of content development.
  • Manage content development activities.
  • Report progress & status to senior management on a regular and formal basis.
  • Establish a formal & rigorous approach for communicating with the review committee.
  • Develop & monitor content development plans for authors and supporting team members.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Established comprehensive administrative processes.
  • Successfully interacted with the promotional review committee to obtain timely content review & approval.
  • Met regularly with the content team to review status, progress, and issues.
  • Met regularly with senior management to report progress and status.
  • Communicated clearly with all stakeholders and avoided surprise.