A local pharmaceutical device manufacturer had experienced a disaster at a satellite facility, raising awareness for a more comprehensive Business Continuity approach. The client chose to start Business Continuity Management by creating a Crisis & Communications Plan for Headquarters and subsequently rolling that plan out to all sites as a template. This document was meant to coordinate all command and control functions as well as key teams and activities in the event of a disaster affecting Headquarters. Additionally, this document was meant to raise internal awareness to help drive the development of Business Recovery Playbooks in the future.


  • Identify the process for Disaster Declaration including Roles & Responsibilities for declaration.
  • Identify a comprehensive contact listing for key personnel as well as actions and responsibilities in the event of a disaster.
  • Establish a process for regular updates for the Crisis Communications Plan.
  • Establish a corporate culture of documented recovery processes and procedures

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Identification of Crisis Leadership and required Crisis Teams (e.g., Physical Site Disaster Assessment, Interim Administration, Interim Customer Service and Product Fulfillment, etc.)
  • Development of the Disaster Declaration Process including specific Roles & Responsibilities of the Leadership Team.
  • Development of the Crisis Management Plan, table-top walkthrough drill, and establishment of the update policy and procedure.
  • Corporate roll-out of the Crisis & Communications Plan to satellite sites.