A local IT service company has implemented a secondary data center in order to create a continuity of its core business and services. This required the company to create crisis management and disaster recovery plans in order to meet their audit requirements, provide customers better service in the event of an outage, and display to potential customers the ability to provide services in the event of an outage.


  • Develop a Crisis Management Plan, including the processes, roles & responsibilities, and supporting materials
  • Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan, including the processes, roles & responsibilities, documentation and supporting materials
  • Upgrade existing systems documentation
  • Determine gaps in systems documentation and create those documents

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Developed the Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Plans to support core business services.
  • Created an additional full set of documentation for offsite storage, for use in a recovery situation.
  • Developed a template for systems documentation that allows it to be used for multiple purposes, including disaster recovery.
  • Created and upgraded existing systems documentation.
  • Developed a roadmap for next steps in building business resilience.