A $4B Energy & Utilities Holding Company with multiple global subsidiaries sought to assess the state of Business Continuity Plans of all their companies after a disaster occurred at one of them which had headquarters co-located with the Holding Company. An aggressive project schedule was required to meet a previously scheduled Board of Director’s meeting in which the disaster response was to be reviewed. PPT was engaged to evaluate existing operations and technology recovery plans and documentation, conduct onsite workshops and interviews with each subsidiary’s senior management team, identify current recovery capabilities and timeframes, and made recommendations for the improvement of plans. Five subsidiaries, including two in Europe, were included in the effort. PPT evaluated existing documentation, conducted onsite workshops and interviews with the senior management team, identified current recovery capabilities and timeframes, and made recommendations to improve the plans, reduce risk in recovery


  • Determine if comprehensive Business Continuity Plans existed for each subsidiary, what state they were in, and if they were based on Business Continuity Best Practices.
  • Identify any gaps between Business Recovery Requirements and Business Recovery Capabilities.
  • Provide consistent Business Continuity education and knowledge transfer to each subsidiary.
  • Identify recommendations and a roadmap for the improvement of Business Continuity Plans for each Holding Company Subsidiary.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Reviewed all existing Business Continuity Plans.
  • Facilitated onsite Workshops that gathered data, standardized Business Continuity knowledge and increased awareness of the need for comprehensive Business Continuity Plans
  • Documented current recovery strategies and timelines, identifying areas of low and high risk.
  • Developed specific recommendations and action steps to remediate Business Continuity Plan gaps and mitigate risks.