A $2B Energy & Utilities Company sought to develop an understanding and overall view of all projects underway within the Information Technology Department. Consisting of Infrastructure and Applications efforts, the client wanted to instill basic project management standards, documentation and weekly progress updates to be rolled up into an Executive Dashboard. PPT Consulting was engaged to provide templates and develop the process for initial and ongoing data collection of project status and to create the Program Status Dashboard for periodic review.


  • Inventory all IT Projects and Initiatives.
  • Define the base set of project management deliverables required for each project.
  • Obtain accurate status updates of all ongoing projects and understand impact of future planned projects.
  • Report to IT Leadership on the status of ongoing projects, % confidence of completion according to plan, and impact of future planned projects on the IT Department.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Development of base level project management documents required for each project including a Project Charter, Project Schedule and Resource Plan
  • Establishment of a weekly reporting schedule on project progress, including visibility of upcoming future planned projects
  • Development of the Executive Dashboard to be reviewed on a monthly basis and providing an overall snapshot of the “health” of all projects underway