In response to a request from a major customer, a Medium Sized High-Technology Company sought to develop Business Continuity Plans to cover Crisis Management and critical Business Function Recovery. PPT was engaged to provide expertise and guidance while developing a Corporate Crisis Management Plan, as well as four other critical Functional Recovery Plans. PPT facilitated interaction with key client stakeholders in order to obtain information related to contact, communication and critical business functions. PPT also established a Gap Tracking framework for the client to identify and manage gaps that arose during the project.


  • Develop a Corporate Crisis Management Plan for client headquarters.
  • Develop Functional Recovery Plans for identified critical corporate functions.
  • Develop a Gap Log and associated framework for ongoing tracking and management of Business Continuity related gaps.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Through interviews and staff discussions PPT created a Gap Log which brought focus to15 areas of significant risk, one of which was identified as an immediate next project to be completed.
  • Developed a custom-tailored Crisis Management Plan with “Quick Reference” Guide, as well as Business Recovery Plans for four critical functions.
  • Established a baseline Business Continuity and Crisis Management knowledge level among client team members through regular meetings and review sessions.
  • Supported client’s fulfillment of their customer’s Business Recovery Plan request.