An $8B Multi-Channel Retailer had experienced a small-scale interruption to one of their major retail channels and was being directed by their parent company to develop a Business Continuity Program and exercise Business Continuity Plans.


  • Develop a sustainable Business Continuity Program
  • Define a Crisis Management Team and Develop a Crisis Management Plan
  • Develop Functional Recovery Plans (for four 4 critical functions)
  • Conduct a comprehensive Walkthrough Exercise and update Plans to incorporate Lessons Learned

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Developed a sustainable Business Continuity Program Framework including defined maintenance and update responsibilities for the client as well as an easy structure to add additional Functional Recovery Plans
  • Developed a multi-site Crisis Management Plan outlining Incident Response based on United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards
  • Developed Functional Recovery Plans for four critical business functions outlining specific steps for recovery at time of disaster (ATOD)
  • Choreographed and facilitated a comprehensive Business Continuity Program Walkthrough, exercising the Crisis Management and Functional Recovery Plans
  • Developed a “Gap Log” to track known Risks for which Functional Recovery Plans did not address; established a process for periodic client review