A $1.1B manufacturer of aircraft parts required Project Management support to migrate HRIS system and lead review of business processes in 40+ locations nationwide. The Client had grown in recent years through acquisition and, as a result, had acquired disparate Human Resource, Payroll and Benefits systems and practices. In recent years, the payroll function was centralized at the Corporate level. However, the Human Resources, Payroll and Benefit departments of the locations maintained separate spreadsheets, databases and/or files of employee data.


  • Upgrade to a current version of the HRIS software.
  • Review business processes and standardize across locations.
  • Align with HRIS best practices.
  • Fully utilize software functionality.
  • Improve reporting capability providing needed information to Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits and Finance at the Corporate and individual Company level.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Conducted interviews with HR, Benefits, Payroll and Finance users from 30 Client locations to determine current practices and solicit input for requirements of new HRIS.
  • Established the overall Project Governance organization and processes (including Project Management, Core Team, Implementation Team and Steering Committee).
  • Launched Cross-Functional Discovery Teams (12) to develop requirements and recommendations for key aspects of the project (e.g., define security access, reporting requirements, approach for handling historical data, etc.)
  • Developed Process Documentation for HR, Benefits and Payroll functions.
  • Successfully migrated to current version of the HRIS software; standardized key data and processes to enable accurate reporting.