An $8B Multi-Channel Retailer was in the process of evaluating three software packages for functionality specific to Budgeting and Financial Processes. After having submitted a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the Software Vendors, the client sought to have expert-level review of the responses and support in the evaluation of each Software Vendor as a whole.


  • Provide Software Subject Matter Expertise to review and evaluate RFP Responses
  • Provide Software Selection Expertise to evaluate and enhance overall Software Evaluation Process
  • Facilitate Client Software choice and support the presentation of that choice to Senior Management

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Reviewed in depth Software Vendor Responses, providing insight and context for Vendor answers
  • Provided PPT specific scoring for each Vendor based on prior evaluation and implementation experience with each Software Package
  • Provided overall Selection Process insight and advice based on multiple similar projects
  • Participated in a Comprehensive Vendor Evaluation Session with Client personnel to review all data collected and facilitate final Client Software Choice
  • Participated in Executive Review Meeting with Senior Client Leadership to review Client Software Decision