A $1B Pharmaceutical Company had acquired another company and sought support for the oversight of integration activities of the IT Function and technologies in use. The acquiring company had identified “workstreams” of activity for each IT Director which then needed detailed project plans and timelines developed. While each workstream was underway, there was no existing “Department-wide” view of the overall integration effort, nor was there a standardized way to identify and resolve cross-functional issues.


  • Support IT Leadership in creating detailed work plans for each workstream
  • Provide a comprehensive view of all Integration Workstreams
  • Identify Workstream Interdependencies and create a process for the identification of Cross-Functional Issues
  • Establish a general process for identifying and resolving issues

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Developed the overall Integration Program Plan, Schedule and Communication Plan
  • Developed a Monthly Dashboard for individual workstream activity and a comprehensive Dashboard for Program Progress
  • Documented Workstream Interdependencies and “touchpoints”
  • Developed a process for Issue Identification, Documentation, Communication and Resolution