A $2B distributor of gas products engaged PPT Consulting to assist a newly introduced CIO in the development of an inventory of all existing and planned IT project initiatives. In order for the new CIO to take control and responsibility of IT, he required a comprehensive view of the work in process and work being planned. In addition, he required a summary of the application, data and technology direction in which the company was moving. The goal was to develop a comprehensive view of the department so that current investments could be assessed and a process be established by which future projects would be justified, prioritized and funded.


  • Inventory all IT Projects and Initiatives.
  • Develop Business Case Summaries for each project and a framework for prioritization.
  • Assess projects in progress in order to determine whether to continue or cancel.
  • Communicate standard project management and communication tools to be used for all IT projects.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Development of a Comprehensive Application Architecture.
  • Development of the standard Project Management structure for all IT Projects.
  • Development of the standard process and template for new IT Projects to be proposed, approved and tracked.