A New York commodities exchange was required to ensure that its members could be able to continue trading activities in the event of an interruption to critical computing facilities, or the inability to access the facilities. Located in the World Trade Center, prior to 9/11, there were many documented threats to the facility. Following a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis, it was clear that a prolonged outage of trading operations would not only affect the members and their clients, but have an impact on the overall economic climate of the country.


  • Identify critical processes required to ensure an orderly and efficient resumption of trading activities.
  • Design an alternate trading and back-office operations facility to resume operations in the event of an incident to the World Trade Center.
  • Design a failover strategy for the immediate resumption of computing capabilities.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Developed a commodities trading schedule in the event relocation to an alternate facility was necessary.
  • Developed and implemented an alternate trading facility, with trading pits, to enable trading activities.
  • Developed a three-tiered strategy for the resumption of computing and communications capabilities.
  • Recovery strategies successfully enacted in response to 9/11 incident.