An $3B specialty biopharmaceutical company required assistance in establishing a program management function for the IT Infrastructure and Services organization. The organization had over 60 projects in flight and was experiencing challenges in defining and meeting expectations and in communicating with client organizations. PPT was engaged to provide best practice program management techniques to facilitate the development of improved communications vehicles and mechanisms and to establish a program management function.


  • Develop a communications plan, assessing current capabilities and targeting areas most in need of improvement.
  • Develop project-specific templates to improve project management discipline.
  • Coordinate project resourcing and status, working with outsourced and third party project managers to ensure that projects move smoothly from initiation through design, implementation and close out.
  • Develop tools & processes to create and manage an overall Project Roadmap which balances business and operational needs and strategic directions.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Using best practice references and experience, developed a communications plan focused on improving relationships with all key stakeholders.
  • Developed project-specific templates creating minimum standards around project initiation, work plans, status reporting and communications plans to facilitate improved project discipline.
  • Developed quick solutions to manage the flow of projects, coordinating with both the technical architect team and outsource provider and other project managers. Project status is now more broadly and consistently understood.
  • Created Project Roadmap, grouping the many projects into a small number of logical clusters, each of which has a defined technology and resourcing strategy. This will become the vehicle for regular review and prioritization.