Our client, a $2B Aerospace Manufacturer, is a corporation consisting of many independently operating manufacturing companies throughout the world. When a company is acquired by them, the Finance and HR functions work to integrate with the companies Finance and HR operations. HR processes in particular are worked to be standardized. Most of the employee base is within the US and performance management and development planning were implemented with SuccessFactors for all US sites.


  • Feasibility study to ascertain readiness and criteria for beginning an implementation of SF for a given site outside the US.
  • Develop a template for implementation including an overall plan, conversion process, training , change management and maintenance processes.
  • Implement first countries: Canada, Thailand (2 companies), Mexico (2 companies)
  • Implement the Spanish Language pack to enable the Mexico implementations and to be available for Spanish speaking employees in the US.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Created an International site implementation kit for SF implementation
  • Created a corresponding US kit for SF implementations of newly acquired companies.
  • Managed the implementations of 5 companies outside the US.
  • Managed all testing of the company data and processes as well as the Spanish language pack, including the creation of test scripts to be used for training and testing in the US and internationally.
  • Created a set of recommendations for implementation of Spanish in the US and baseline requirements for new countries to be added.