A State office embarked on a concerted effort to analyze the current State of computing/data processing within all of its Agencies in an attempt to consolidate those efforts under a new centralized, shared datacenter environment.


  • Identify the current State of computing in all State Agencies, both from a technology and cost of operations viewpoint.
  • Provide multiple, viable datacenter solutions for the consolidation of computing operations in a shared services environment. These proposed solutions must encompass upgrades to current computing technologies while significantly reducing datacenter operating costs.
  • Provide a SOW draft with which the State may go to market to identify the vendor best equipped to implement the desired solution provided and endorsed by the State.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Highlight for the State the necessary urgency with which it must engage IT management in identifying the vendor efforts necessary to prepare for the conclusion of the major contract in December 2014.
  • Demonstrate the need for monitoring of the RFP proposal and vendor selection process necessary for the States successful consolidation of their data center processing activities