The Supply Chain group of the Biopharmaceutical division within a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company wanted to create a “Strategic Roadmap” of projects in order to ensure that it enabled the business units to build competitive advantages as well as ensure compliance. PPT led the project with the client, working to understand the needs of the business, the environmental drivers, and regulatory and compliance requirements. PPT then facilitated a determination of the “path forward”, reviewing the existing technology platform to see what existing systems/modules could be leveraged and also looking at what new technology should be added to the platform.


  • Review Supply Chain business strategies and compliance requirements and align enabling technologies.
  • Determine Path Forward, identifying existing technology that could be leveraged.
  • Develop a Sustainable Strategy Assessment Roadmap that could be continuously updated and maintained in the future by the client.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Roadmap has become the standard for subsequent Strategy Reviews.
  • Developed the Master Scorecard and Data Analytics for Supply Chain Management.