The DC Advisor project centered on determining the correct workforce composite over five years necessary to operate the Greencastle e-commerce cost effectively and achieve the desired Service Level Agreements with the five brands. In addition, the drove the analysis to determine the ideal operating days of the week and operating hours of the day as well as the accompanying carryover.


  • Determine staffing structure (# FTs, # PTs) to flex up and down to achieve SLAs and cost objectives.
  • Confirm demand flow % by day and hour for typical and peak weeks.
  • Perform total cost sensitivity analysis on varying labor rates by position to determine key areas of operation.
  • Recommend standard employee shift schedules.

Accomplishments / Benefits:

  • Created a 5 year detailed labor planning model.
  • Performed sensitivity analysis on work rate assumptions vs cost per unit.
  • Determined optimum shift schedules.
  • Determined weekly size of workforce next 5 years.