Our client is the eighth largest school district in the nation, by enrollment. Located in a historic and culturally rich setting, they are a racially and ethnically diverse community committed to education. PPT was commissioned to provide custom applications to improve business processes.


  • Provide a better management system for employees, student and guardians.
  • Develop solution to manage Google Chromebooks and integrate with the Google Apps for Education Platform.
  • Develop system to manage WordPress Website Editors across nearly 300 websites.
  • Develop additional applications to meet specifc needs as they arise.


  • Developed Directory User Manager application which allows for management of employees, student and guardians in the district LDAP directory and Zimbra email system.
  • Created the Chromebook Manager application to sort and manage Chromebooks per school/location.
  • Integrated WordPress editor management into the Role Access Delegation application. Also developed a series of scripts to maintain and manage WordPress editors.
  • Created additional applications and web pages to meet various needs in the District, such as the annual district employee, guardian and student surveys, Zimbra email interface, and Pydio customizations.