Our client, a Philadelphia based law firm identified collaboration via information sharing as a critical component of the attorney/client relationship. The vision for a successful solution included the ability to create an external client facing dashboard that increases transparency into the progress and financial status of current work, obtain better predictability, encourage collaboration on client issues and provide a secure platform where clients can ask attorneys legal questions and receive timely guidance.


  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Fostering better partnership with clients
  • Assisting in business development
  • Increasing the visibility of value-added service
  • Positioning client to offer additional services and tools

Accomplishments & Benefits

  • Created high-level requirements and RFP
  • Conducted a structured demonstration process involving multiple vendors
  • Identified an alternative platform based on MS Teams and pivoted to the new platform with minimal disruption to timeline. Moving to a Teams-based solution resulted in significant subscription cost savings
  • Fostered cross-functional team participation