Focus was working with Global Benefits Strategy & Planning in two areas:  define role of the function within Total Rewards and create project plans for a business-critical co-development program.


  • Provide detailed project plans to upload into project management system
  • Create communications deck explaining Strategy & Planning function and operating model


  • Created 3 project plans: reduced leaders’ time spent on project plans (reviewed and edited prior to final submission); focused time and effort allowed for more accurate plans, increased level of detail and enhanced task definition.
  • Created a communications deck: defines scope of Strategy & Planning function, its operating model and how it will interact/support other  functions.  This deck allowed the Director to communicate clearly with the larger team and recruit/onboard new hires.
  • Created on-boarding plan and tools for new hires:  will reduce the amount of effort, by the hiring manager, to onboard the Implementation Manager into the role and the overall organization; new hire will learn the systems, people and norms to add value quickly and reduce anxiety related to integrating into a new organization; sets new hire up for long term success in the role.