After a recent and significant merger, a large chemical manufacturing Client had a much larger global manufacturing footprint.  As part of on-going integration efforts, and to maximize their strategic footprint, a decision was made to consolidate manufacturing operations. The scope of this project was to address multiple plants in the same city. The majority of production was being relocated from a legacy Client site to the new merged Client site, with some products going to other Client facilities in other geographies. The project was focused on the movement of master data to the legacy JDE ERP system to enable manufacture of transferred products, and to allow the legacy Client site to be safely shuttered within approximately a 7 month period.


  • Transfer 125 products between locations in seven months
  • Zero supply disruptions
  • Zero environmental issues
  • Enable legacy manufacturing site to be shuttered before the Union contract ended in the legacy site


  • Finished project two months early with all products either transferred and ready to manufacture or in process and tracking to completion one month early
  • Over $4 Million in savings
  • Optimized the products transfer change control process to enable completion within the time allotted without impacting regular day-to-day operations
  •  Developed process to address rebranded products and raw materials purchased and resold, both not in original scope, without impacting project timeline
  • Zero supply disruptions or environmental issues