The Client, a global pharmaceutical company, had been growing through mergers and acquisitions. The engagement was intended to transform the client’s data centers through migration and consolidation of twelve data centers to three primary data centers and three secondary data centers. This strategy advanced to a new model of three on-premises data centers in three geographical regions, and complimentary AW data centers in the same regions. The team executed virtual moves of compute, network, storage, and services to new data center locations.


  • Move from on premise centric to hybrid Cloud with “Cloud first” principle for defined workloads.
  • Consolidate from current twelve DCs to three primary Dd three AWS cloud-based data centers.
  • Build out new on-premises data centers with new compute, storage, and network components.
  • Migrate workloads from legacy data centers to new locations.
  • Close legacy data centers no longer in use.


The project was divided into 3 phases; build-out of new data center sites, migration of workloads to new data center facilities, decommission of legacy data centers and equipment.

  • Built and/or enhanced new data centers in US, Ireland and Japan.
  • Migrated 1,000+ workloads from legacy data centers to preferred, strategic sites.
  • Decommissioned legacy data center in Saitama Japan.
  • Led project to stand-up new Citrix computing infrastructure in AWS US East Region.
  • Migrated 1,500+ Citrix instances from legacy Takeda data centers to preferred strategic sites.
  • Reduced overall operational data center costs by $10M.
  • Developed strategic processes for further expansion of AWS landing zones in Europe and Asia.