Client is a telecommunications conglomerate and needed to redo the way they host and present their Multi-Employer Retirement Plan data. They wanted to improve visualizations, provide a better database for the data, and rebuild this project from the ground up. This would lead to improvements of presentation and evaluation of the MEP data, such as being able to easily discern pain points within the plans.


  • Update the MEP dashboard that has been created by a previous team member
  • Provide a new database for the MEP information to be hosted in
  • Teach other members how to use Tableau and update the dashboard


  • Created a database in excel that contains an aggregate of the necessary Multi-Employer plan information provided by consolidated reports pulled from a government database
  • Built out a new visualization dashboard in Tableau that presents the MEP information in an easily-digestible way for others to use in the future. This dashboard has a live connection to the database that was created so that information can be updated automatically.
  • Pulled Board Reports and Year Over Year Reports from the Tableau dashboard to be given to different teams who need them.
  • Provided supplemental documentation on how the dashboard was created, plus ways to update and upkeep the dashboard once I have left.
  • Taught tutorials on the basics of Tableau and of the dashboard to appropriate teammates who will be keeping the new MEP Information.