The client is a privately-held company that has built a worldwide reputation for ethics and integrity in its dealings with customers, suppliers and employees, and for taking a long-term view when assessing business situations.  The focus of this engagement was on the client’s application rationalization effort. By definition, application rationalization is a process of reviewing the application inventory to determine which applications should be retired, retained, reposted, replatformed, refactored or reimagined. This is an important process for every enterprise in making investment or divestment decisions. The client’s goal was to refine the application portfolio to reduce costs and technical debt while driving modernization and innovation.


  • Design and develop Application Rationalization workshops working jointly with Program Lead
  • Increase awareness of change management by continuously demonstrating the value of change enablement practices, services, and deliverables
  • Deliver common change management services and deliverables, such as stakeholder inventory and analysis, change impact assessment, communications/engagement plan, and change strategy


  • Successfully delivered workshops across all divisions and enterprise shared services over six weeks, resulting in decisions for almost 850 applications to position the program for prioritization and input to the rationalization roadmap
  • Provided Change Management 101 training series to immediate team members to prepare the associates for their involvement in OCM activities as listed above
  • Developed and delivered multiple engagement opportunities in support of the program’s key projects, including a new, informational SharePoint site, monthly postcards, regular news posts, and a showcase series designed to demonstrate the deliverables