PPT Consulting was founded with one goal – to provide the highest level of professional services through a personal and locally-focused model.  Having our roots in the Big 5 consulting industry, our Leadership Team has provided high-quality professional service to some of the largest and most discriminating clients in the world.  Seeking to continue that level of service, quality and commitment, we saw the need for a new approach and decided to leverage the
values and work ethic instilled in us over the years to devise an innovative and more competitive model for consulting services. This new model is client focused, quality driven and doesn’t lose sight of the essential human element integral to all professional interaction.

Having begun in industry our leadership understands how important it is to you that a consulting services provider truly understands your perspective. Using that experience as a foundation, we have come to be regarded as a trusted business advisor by all of our clients. The PPT Consulting model is comprised of the best of both big firm quality and real world industry experience. All of our engagements include senior level oversight and we operate with an attitude that “nothing
less than excellence” is acceptable.

PPT Consulting has experienced significant growth since our inception in 2003.  In fact, our clients range from global Fortune 100 companies to local and regional family-owned companies. Our ability to scale our services and add value to such a wide range of company sizes and industries is a direct result of our operating model and our ability to hold true to our Guiding Principle of “Passion for Excellence”.

PPT has built a track record of success while earning the trust of our clients, exemplified by the fact that many of our engagements are through client referrals.  This is the most telling testimonial to our quality service delivery and that of which we are most proud.