PPT Consulting is led by top performers from industry and professional services organizations.  With 20 years average experience across our Firm Leadership, PPT provides seasoned professional advice and guidance for each project, ensuring quick ramp-up, immediate impact and actionable results.

Trusted Partner

Our seasoned, professional consultants take the time to understand your strategy and goals, and then apply experience, methodologies and execution to help you achieve success. While strategy without execution is a hallucination, execution without strategy is aimless

Tailored Solutions

At PPT, our consultants are well versed in industry best practices, methodologies and frameworks for program, project, and change management. We tailor and leverage these best practices to achieve consistent, repeatable success for our clients.

We are proud of our numerous client success stories of consistently and reliably delivering on time and on budget while achieving project objectives. Our consulting team has strong bias for action – we live by the motto “Make it Happen”!

Change Enablement

PPT strongly believes that true success is only achieved when People, Process and Technology are aligned to achieve an organization’s goal. We leverage best practices in change management to ensure success in your organization. Technology change is the easy part, getting people to accept and respond to change is the more difficult part.

Knowledge Transfer

Our firm prides itself on working side by side with client resources in order to ensure the sustainability of our solutions through appropriate transfer of key knowledge. We understand that one of the best indicators of a professional services firm is the self-sufficiency of its clients after a project is completed.