Value Proposition

Change Enablement – Ensuring that appropriate steps are taken during crucial periods of process or technology change in terms of identifying, monitoring and managing stakeholder expectation, reaction, and acceptance.

Change Enablement is an often overlooked and underestimated work effort that is absolutely critical to project success. Clients who are eager to optimize an integral process, or implement a new technology often forget the stakeholders involved with the change and the education that needs to be imparted to ensure its successful adoption.

PPT believes there are several key elements of the Change Enablement process. First, is crucial for clients to lead the change – sanction, legitimize and drive change. Second, create a shared need – explain to stakeholders the importance of the change and why it is needed in the business. Third, create a shared vision – help stakeholders imagine a future state. Fourth, mobilize commitment – get everyone on board. Next, align the organization – ensure that the organization supports the
vision and create an environment enabling learning and continuous improvement. Lastly, communicate with stakeholders – get the right information to the right people in a timely manner.

PPT has successfully led numerous Change Enablement workstreams in large scale technology implementations. Our deep competency in change Enablement spans Communication, Training, Stakeholder & Sponsor Engagement, and Organizational Design & Role Mapping. PPT has deep experience using multiple approaches to Change Enablement and can adapt and leverage tools and techniques to fit the needs of your particular project and culture.

Training – As a key component of a successful organizational process or technology change, ensuring that new and necessary subject matter is transferred to the appropriate audience. Ensuring proper methods of delivery are employed with the optimal timing, venue, and materials. Developing strategies for long term knowledge transfer, absorption and retention.

Key Components

Change Enablement:

  • Determine Stakeholder and Leader Identification
  • Develop Vision and Case for Change
  • Perform Baseline Change History and Readiness Assessment
  • Define Project Success Measures
  • Build Communication Strategy & Plan
  • Execute Communication Strategy & Plan


  • Define Scope of Subject Matter to be Trained
  • Organize Subject Matter by Audience
  • Define Training Strategy & Approach
  • Develop Training Materials
  • Assess Baseline Skills & Knowledge of Audience
  • Present Training & Validate Participants’ Knowledge / Absorption


Change Enablement:

  • Baseline Change Readiness Assessment
  • Critical Success Factors & Risk Management Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Organizational Design Impact / Recommendations


  • Baseline Skills Assessment
  • Training Plan & Training Materials

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